Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm considering changing this over from my musings to my photoblog... any first impressions?

Monday, April 6, 2009


The following two excerpts are real an taken from recent conversations.

(During a visit to my grandparents house)

Grandmother - Hi Jeremy!
Me - Hello!
G- I have some money for you and your sister!
M - (ears perk up) oh yeah?
G - Yeah!
M - I like the sound of that...
G - Here it is. (walks towards my outstretched hand)
M -... (anticipates)
G - This one is for you and this one is for your sister (drops two quarters in my hand)
M - mmm hmmm.....I'll try not to spend it all in one place.

This is an excerpt from a conversation at home

Mom - Oi! Look at the time I have to run to a meeting
Me - Yeah?
Mom - Yeah... I'm running late. Can you clean the dishes?
Me - Sure I'll have them done.... By the way, when are you coming home?
Mom - When I'm done my meeting
Me - Thanks... thats helpful

Yeah, I have very insightful conversations. Lol

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Not So Unveiling Unveiling

Hi all (my three subscribers), as I promised I will post some pictures of the photoshoot from the previous blog (see last sentence of previous blog). The photo shoot went better than expected and the pictures turned out absolutely great. Lindsey and I are very very happy about them and my only regret is that I can't take credit for taking them. I am actually still in the process of editing them and although we have enough pictures to post for an album we are waiting for more before the unveiling.

We put out two different photos as previews/teasers and are contimplating just releasing just one a day to keep people anticipating more and generating myspace, facebook, blog traffic. LOL maybe not.

At any rate this photo is one from downtown Chattanooga and we found a really old warehouse with the nice worn wood and we really liked the location so we took a few shots there. We also took a few more at two other locations that will be revealed shortly! Don't dispair more will be on the way.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pictures, Rain and Food

I'm hungry. There that takes care of the food part. I haven't eaten since the Taco Bell run last night and I'm a little bit hungry.

Today I am supposed to go downtown and meet a friend who is going to take some pictures of Lindsey and I. Truth be told, I would much rather be on the other side of the camera taking pictures. However, this will be a nice change. It should be a interesting day for photos cause its rather chilly outside but the cloud cover will make for nice portraits.

The rain has made my life very.... whats the phrase...seasonally depressed. Spring time is a great time though because of the greenness coming around. I do believe that my herb seeds that I have planted have DIED!!! I will replant and try again. My favorite past time of mountain biking has been put on hold because of the rain.

Ok I am off to take some pictures and I will post some tonight...

Friday, March 27, 2009


Hello Cruel World, mmmm... I think I better introduce myself before I blog. I am a college grad, a photographer, a music enthusiast and sports enthusiast. Although I have graduated, I still can't spell, which I will expound about more. Should I start to post on a daily basis on here and if you should start to follow you can expect blogs about my life, random thoughts in my head, my photography, things that make me happy and things that annoy me.  So here we go for my first blog.

Firefox vs. IE vs. Chrome vs Netscape

Lately, I have become dissatified with Firefox. Don't get me wrong, I would choose Firefox over IE every and any day. In reality, IE shouldn't even be on the list above.  However, I am always looking to improve my browsing experience and am open to any brower that claims to do so.  This comes from my childhood of using Netscape 4.7. I even followed Netscape through its tough days of v7. as well as  v8. and if I remember correctly v9. However they discontinued Netscape and I switched back to Firefox. As of late though I feel Firefox is hogging my memory on my computer and is slowing everything down. Because of this I have started looking at Google Chrome after hearing about the speedy browser and after using it, it has not dissappointed. There is only one reason that I can't use it NOW. Extensions make Firefox a much more useful browser (as well as my spell check feature) and I am losing fuctionality for speed in chrome. Should Chrome ever come out with extensions I may very well switch. 

Myspace and Facebook

Wow another can of worms. This really should be for another blog but I will say that I've seen a movement towards Facebook and it feels that Myspace is being neglected. Yes, I will write on this later but will just say that I feel less secure on Facebook and that Myspace is more concerned about user privacy.  Anyways, its 2:30am here and I'm heading to bed. 

Good Night All